Our Factories 

We care about how our products are made, and are proud to have found a factory with strong ethical structures in place so that we can be confident in making amazing pieces for you. At the moment, we only work with one factory. However, we have future intentions to work with a number of different factories, depending on what we’re making, and how it’s made.

We recognise our responsibility to the people involved in the production of our garments. We know a company can’t be sustainable without being ethical too, and we care deeply about the ethics of our supply chain.

The factory that we currently work with has been audited by SEDEX. The SEDEX audit is based on site visits, policy reviews and interviews with the teams. It focuses on health and safety, labour, environment, and business ethics. The factory is also certified by BSCI Quality Management Systems and holds all required certificates. 

Our Impact

Sigmoid Apparel was set up by professional athletes across multiple sports to motivate people to move and excel in their own performance, whether this is in the gym, on the pitch, on the course or on the track. Our aim is to positively impact your physical wellbeing with the hope of this then leading to improvements in mental and social wellbeing and a feeling of connectedness to the Sigmoid Apparel brand and community.

As we grow and expand, we hope to have the ability to provide performance and wellbeing workshops and events to further enhance and improve our customer experience.

Our People

Our people and and our founding athletes are at the centre of Sigmoid Apparel and this is one of our key differentiators. Creating an inclusive and open culture is going to be key to our success as we are fortunate to have expertise across a number of areas and different sports. We offer a safe working environment that ensures each team member is treated equally with dignity and respect.

Our Product

As we expand, we hope to have the ability to introduce more sustainable and recycled fabrics into our products. Until then, we will find other areas where we can implement sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Our clothing bags and delivery/courier parcels are all recycled and reusable and our product neck tags and product labels are all made from recycled materials.